From the Dean


On behalf of the College of Arts and Sciences, I’m excited to welcome you to the University of Kentucky and the breadth and depth of study that is the liberal arts.

The study of the liberal arts dives into the wonders of life and the surrounding environment, as well as the diversity of the human experience, past and present. Studying the physical, mathematical, and natural sciences teach us about the intricacies of the world around us. The liberal arts compel us to look closer at ourselves, what we have become, and where we are headed. Gaining a liberal arts education positions you to more effectively lead in the modern, globalized, and highly dynamic economy in which we live.

In 2013, Hart Research Associates found that 93 percent of the employers they surveyed were more concerned about their employees’ ability to think critically, express themselves clearly, and solve complex problems effectively than they were about their undergraduate major. These are the skills that form the core of a liberal arts education. The amplified learning that takes place in liberal arts courses helps students develop the highly marketable skills most employers seek.

On this site you will find information regarding the liberal arts, what they are and where they can take you. There are also stories from current and former students who have effectively translated their education in our majors into successful careers and rewarding lives. We invite you to peruse the website and to amplify your learning by exploring the liberal arts and the many academic programs offered in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Mark Kornbluh
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

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