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Inside the Classroom - Chinese 101

By Nate Harling

The classroom can be a dismal place on a rainy Tuesday morning. For some students, hitting the snooze button may sound more appealing than walking across campus in the rain at 9 a.m. to attend class in the same place they do most of the week. Knowing this, …

2017 A&S Hall of Fame

A&S celebrates the 2017 Hall of Fame! For more information and to watch the ceremony visit:


A&S Students bring Awareness to Homelessness

This project was lead by Dr. Rosie Moosnick with help from Brian Jones (STEAM Academy), Mollie Rabiner (Living Arts and Science Center), Rob Parmley (Lexington Public Library), and Justin Bathon (UK Educational Leadership Dept). On April 13th, 2017 from 9am - 2pm, A&S students along with…

English Awards Day Ceremony 2017

The English Department's 37th Annual Awards Day Ceremony, was held on Friday April 28th.

Diversity Photo Contest Awards Ceremony

The CESJ student photo competition for photos capturing and celebrating diversity at the University of Kentucky to foster a sense of pride in diversity among student populations.