In the Press

Abolish the Business Major! Anti-intellectual degree programs have no place in colleges.

The Chronical Review - 8/13/2019
By: Johann N. Neem

It's Not Liberal Arts And Literature Majors Who Are Most Underemployed

Forbes - 5/31/2018
By: Derek Newton

Philosophy Prepared Me for a Career in Finance and Government

The New York Times - 4/30/2018
By: Robert E. Rubin

Google finds STEM skills aren’t the most important skills

Michigan Future Inc. (Blog) - 2/5/2018
By: Lou Glazer

Monolingualism diminishes America’s stature on the world stage

The Hill - 3/8/2018
By: Martha G. Abbott

Shocker: Humanities Grads Gainfully Employed and Happy

Inside Higher Ed - 2/7/2018
By: Scott Jaschik

History isn't a 'useless' major. It teaches critical thinking, something America needs plenty more of

Los Angeles Times - 5/30/2016
By: James Grossman

11 Reasons To Ignore The Haters And Major In The Humanities

Business Insider - 6/27/2013
By: Max Nisen

30 Reasons it’s Smart to Hire a History Student

Shaunanagins - 11/6/2013
By: Shauna Vert

Six Myths About Choosing a College Major

The New York Times - 11/2/2017
By: Jeffrey J Selingo

Liberal Arts Colleges Cater to Employers' Needs

From US News & World Report - 9/14/2017
By:  Margaret Loftus

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