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What can an English major do for you?

In today’s complex world, critical thinkers and strong writers have an edge. The Department of English at the University of Kentucky offers a wide variety of courses in order to provide students like you with that edge. In addition to coursework devoted to British and American literature, you can choose from a variety of elective classes in film, linguistics, cultural studies, literary theory, and creative writing. You are provided the opportunity to learn from faculty members that are best-selling and award-winning authors, poets, documentarians, and screenwriters. The English curriculum at UK favors a liberal arts tradition that provides you with a broad skill set and prepares you for success in a variety of careers. English is a relevant and flexible undergraduate degree that leads to numerous career paths. Many students choose professions in education, and many more find employment in fields such as communications, entertainment, business, and law.

3 Provost Teaching Awards

4 Kentucky Poet Laureates

2 Undergraduate Literary Magazines

What skills does studying english develop?

  • Read and interpret complex texts
  • Think critically
  • Write with style and elegance
  • Grasp nuance
  • Do research using electronic and traditional sources
  • Build arguments based on evidence
  • Put things they read in a variety of cultural contexts
  • Interpret the world around them with sophistication

Career opportunities

English Majors can go on to be:

  • museums
  • women's organizations
  • international development agencies
  • ethnic and cultural organizations
  • refugee / immigrant assistance organizations
  • community centers and services
  • historic preservation offices
  • cultural resource management agencies
  • archives
  • zoos
  • social service agencies
  • art galleries
  • market research firms
  • historical societies
  • mission organizations
  • parks and historic sites
  • antique collectible shops

A&S Hall of Fame Inductees

Charlie Grizzle
2017 Inductee



Dr. Kevin Kiernan
2015 Inductee



Bobbie Ann Mason
2015 Inductee



Ethelee Davidson Baxter
2014 Inductee



Jill M. Rappis
2014 Inductee



Robert E. Rich
2013 Inductee



Dr. Jane Vance
2013 Inductee



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