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Political Science

What can a Political Science major do for you?

It may or may not be true that “everything is political,” but government policies shape our existence from before we are born until after we take our last breath, and political processes ultimately influence just about every area of our lives. For that reason, the political science major at the University of Kentucky opens a gateway to most of the big questions that intellectually curious undergraduates will want to explore. The department offers a wide range of courses spanning the sub-fields of political processes, judicial behavior, political theory, international and comparative politics as well as public administration, state and local government. As a political science major, you are also encouraged to explore the field outside the classroom through participation in internships, research, and independent work. With a strong foundation in the liberal arts, political science majors are well suited for a variety of careers including government administration, politics and campaigns, public policy, non-profit organizations, international relations, business and journalism.

427 Undergraduate majors

135 Minors

93 Freshman declared majors

What skills does studying political science develop?

  • gather information and opinions through a variety of means and synthesize the findings into a coherent and persuasive argument
  • strong written and oral communication skills
  • theoretical and practical approaches to political and government functions
  • effectively encounter criticism and opposing views
  • critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to solve problems

Career opportunities

Graduates leave the program having cultivated their analytical abilities and having exercised their written and spoken communication skills. Such disciplinary training leads to a wide variety of careers, many of which have no direct political or governmental connection, but is particularly helpful in preparing students for careers such as law, policy analysis, governmental administration, diplomatic service, journalism, lobbying, and other sorts of other political activity.

Career opportunities in Political Science

  • Law
  • policy analysis
  • public administrators
  • policy analysts
  • diplomats and diplomatic staffers
  • teacher/professors
  • legislative or executive branch aides
  • law school teachers
  • international affairs specialists
  • journalists
  • lobbyists
  • lawyers and judges
  • campaign managers and political consultants
  • law enforcement professionals
  • NGO and non-profit staffers
  • Urban and regional planners
  • Social service workers

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