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Geological Sciences

What can a Geological Sciences major do for you?

Geological Sciences, housed in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences (EES), is an interdisciplinary science that applies principles of all the basic sciences to a variety of problems related to our planet’s evolution and environments, including its composition, structure and history. All courses developed for the program carry a field component, including a summer field geology course in Colorado, a hydrology class involving a canoe trip down the Kentucky River, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or a field trip to Canada. The curriculum in Geological Sciences allows you to better meet the needs of the geological profession so that you are well prepared to enter an ever-changing job market or go on to graduate school. After graduation, many graduates of EES at the University of Kentucky find jobs in the environmental science or energy resource fields.

1 Planet

6+ Courses with field trips

60,000 Median salary

What skills does studying geology develop?

  • problem solving, critical and analytical thinking
  • utilize computer techniques to solve problems
  • collaboration with other geologists and scholars
  • construct and manage various numerical, oral, graphical or textual information
  • present insights and information in writing and speaking
  • synthesize  the entire range of sciences (chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics) in creatively solving geoscience problems

Career opportunities

The Bachelor of Science program is designed for students who plan a career as a professional geologist or who plan to pursue a post-graduate education. The Bachelor of Arts program is designed for students planning a career in government policy relating to earth science and environmental issues, earth-science education, business (environmental consulting), environmental law, or environmental medicine. You will find geology majors using their knowledge and skills in a wide variety of occupational opportunities such as:

  • petroleum geologist
  • hydrogeologist
  • engineering geologist
  • environmental geologist
  • geophysicist
  • economic geologist
  • geomorphologist
  • paleoclimatologist
  • volcanologist
  • seismologist
  • geochemist
  • glaciologist
  • mineralogist
  • sedimentologist
  • cartographer
  • paleontologist
  • petrologist
  • stratigrapher
  • planetary geologist
  • land-use technician
  • surveyor
  • government
  • consulting firms
  • museums

A&S Hall of Fame Inductees

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