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International Studies

What can an International Studies major do for you?

International Studies (IS) is an interdisciplinary program for students who are curious about the world, want to work in a global setting, love to travel and like to think beyond conventional boundaries and borders. International Studies encourages you to explore global issues across disciplines, and as such, its curriculum comprises course offerings and faculty from multiple UK colleges, programs and departments. The vast majority of IS majors study abroad — whether for a summer, a semester or a year — and many participate in international internships. The program regularly hosts international speakers and students interested in social planning and events. IS students can choose from thematic concentrations in Culture in the Arts, Global Development, and Comparative Politics and Societies. Areas of concentration for IS students include Africa and the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia and Eurasia. The career options are endless with a degree in International Studies. Some of the more popular career tracks fall within such globally oriented institutions as business, government, international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic agencies, and the arts.

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What skills does studying IS develop?

  • interdisciplinary knowledge of global regions and cultures
  • foreign language ability
  • analytic skills
  • research, writing, and problem solving

Career opportunities

As the world shrinks, opportunities grow for International Studies majors. With a degree in International Studies you can pursue anything from international policy making to philanthropic work to teaching English as a second language in another country. International Studies graduates go on to international careers with governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic agencies, and educational institutions. 

Career opportunities in International Studies

  • archaeologists
  • communications specialists
  • cultural anthropologists
  • cultural diversity trainers
  • development experts
  • diplomacy careers
  • editors/publicists
  • environmental specialists
  • foreign service officers
  • foreign study coordinators
  • foreign exchange specialists
  • geographers
  • hospitality industry specialist
  • human rights associates
  • import/export brokers
  • insurance specialists
  • intelligence specialists
  • international global activists
  • international law careers
  • international news writers/journalists
  • international sales representatives/managers
  • international security specialists
  • international trade specialists
  • international student advisors
  • marketing analysts
  • multiculturalism experts
  • museum & cultural arts personnel
  • natural resource management careers
  • philanthropic agency officer/manager
  • political analysts
  • program officers/managers for international non-profits and NGOs
  • public relations careers
  • research assistants
  • social studies and language teachers
  • teachers of English as a second language (ESL)
  • travel and tourism
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